Improve Myself ?>

Improve Myself

The third of my ten core values is self-improvement. Where happiness and honesty were easy to define, I’ve found improvement to be difficult. Living up to these values is a form of self-improvement, so it’s hard to see where I can be specific enough to act. Struggling with what to do, I turned back to the inspiration for my value, the 10 Buffer Values. Under Have a Focus on Self Improvement, they list: 1. You are conscious of your current…

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30 Years Old ?>

30 Years Old

A week ago I turned thirty. I feel OK about that, it’s just the same as 29 really, probably not much different to 31 either. Despite that, it’s still a big birthday and a life marker. I thought that to celebrate, I’d write a few thoughts on where I am right now and where I want to be, whether in the next year or the next 10 years. As I’ve been writing, the one theme I keep returning to today…

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How Important is Sleep? ?>

How Important is Sleep?

Last month, I wrote about how I’d started drinking a healthy amount of water every day. Having given that habit some time to bed into my lifestyle, I decided to add a second habit to my routine. Continuing my focus on physical and mental wellbeing, I chose to improve my sleep. We all sleep, so this isn’t a case of doing something others aren’t. The challenge here was to find out how much sleep I need for my health, whether I…

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Be Honest ?>

Be Honest

The second of my ten personal values is honesty. That means being honest with myself as well as with other people, and being as transparent as I can be without hurting others. Honesty is one of those things that’s intrinsically good. Just like dishonestly is evil and the blurry middleground plain sucks for everyone. Measurement and Analysis How can you track honesty? What does honesty mean? I’ve had a good look and there are not many apps tied in to…

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The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum by Heinrich Boll ?>

The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum by Heinrich Boll

The best part of my project to read some of the best books ever written is finding completely new authors. I’d never heard of Heinrich Boll or this novel before adding it to my Library list. Reading a book with no expectations can have startling effects. Like A Room of One’s Own, I read this novel in a few days. It’s gripping almost throughout, with only a slight middle-act sag. Much of this comes from the unusual structure that leads…

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Best Selling Books (Over 100 Million Copies) ?>

Best Selling Books (Over 100 Million Copies)

As I’m trying to read a lot of the most critically-acclaimed books of all time, I thought it made sense to look at some of the bestselling books of all time too. These are the time-tested books that it is impossible to deny are anything but legendary. You can no more judge the artistry of a book by it sales that you can its cover (and these have had many of both), but it says something that over 100 million people have…

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Be Happy ?>

Be Happy

The very first personal value I came up with when I tried to list the ten values that I wanted to live by was happiness. It’s the first of my values for good reason, happiness is everything. If you’re not happy, what’s the point? You could have everything except happiness and you’d know it. So where better to start? Measurement and Analysis How can you tell if you’re happy? How happy do you need to be to consider yourself happy?…

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How I Started Drinking Enough Water ?>

How I Started Drinking Enough Water

Habits aren’t easy. They take time, effort and concentration to get right. When I decided to start improving my habits I wanted to start with one that meant a lot to me, one that I could focus on and develop a pattern for getting good at making (and keeping) habits. That’s why I started with water – the source of life. Drinking enough water is associated with both physical and mental well being, two things I know I want to…

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A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf ?>

A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf

Quite by chance, I read A Room of One’s Own as the first in my journey to read some of the best books of all time. It’s one of those books most people (and writers in particular) have heard about and thought they should read, but often put off for another day. I finished the book in a few days – it’s slim, but it’s good reading. Based on series of lectures by the author Virginia Woolf, A Room of…

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