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My Beliefs (2017)

My Beliefs (2017)

A while ago, I found a post on Github by a favourite writer of mine, Buster Benson. He sets out, in public, his personal beliefs. It made perfect sense for me to adapt his process to my life.

Each year I reflect on and review my beliefs, below is my 2017 update. You can see the list develop over time at

The Purpose of Life

  • The purpose of life is to find enlightenment. This is not religious, but personal
  • If we don’t reach enlightenment in our lifetime, we may get more chances
  • Enlightenment has to do with happiness, freedom and birth

Personal Conduct

  • I must strive to be good.
  • Being good is not easy and not always natural
  • I must challenge myself.
  • I must find empathy with all things.
  • I must only do things in my spare time that have a meaning
  • I must do more good than is done to me
  • I must focus my talents, not use them generally
  • I must not dilly-dally
  • I must choose love, never fear
  • I must stake my reputation on my better self
  • I must be enthusiastic. If I’m not, I must move on
  • I must retry things I don’t like every once in a while
  • I must work hard at my goals
  • I must make the best of every day
  • I must face things that make me uncomfortable
  • I can change, but I can only change when I am the reason for change


  • Morality is external to me and I can understand it
  • My choices define if I am moral or not
  • Morality and enlightenment are linked, but I don’t know how
  • Gay marriage should be legal everywhere
  • Health care should be available for free everywhere
  • Acting morally is an end, not a means to gain promotion/respect/love


  • Frequently remembering we, and others we love, will die increases the quality of our life
  • Souls exist
  • The Gods of organised religion don’t exist
  • A being greater than we know exists
  • Humans can’t create anything truly original. This might mean something else can
  • I am scared that hell is real
  • I am scared that I act good to avoid hell, and that won’t actually help


  • Other dimensions and universes exist
  • Something like the Big Bang happened
  • Something existed before the Big Bang
  • The human brain will never understand the universe
  • We have no cosmic significance
  • Aliens exist


  • We can change our behaviour and habits
  • Consistently eating well and exercising is the only way to be sustainably healthy in body
  • Mental health is more important overall than bodily health
  • Everyone should have free access to therapy, even when things feel fine
  • Vaccinations are good for babies and society
  • We must be careful with antibiotics


  • Humans will always be stronger than technology
  • Computers will be building better computers than humans by 2050
  • Technology will disrupt all human institutions

The Self

  • Pure altruism is possible when inspired by love
  • We tell stories to create and remember meaning
  • Consciousness is biological and separate to the soul


  • Privacy doesn’t matter if everyone chooses love. I should lead the way
  • Trust will eventually win over privacy in business and Government
  • It’s better to be connected than private


  • Logic is important but not essential
  • Logic must be set aside for truth


  • Everyone has the right to free education
  • Schools need to teach more life, fewer facts
  • Universities fail when they treat teaching like a chore
  • Technology will force Universities to adapt or die


  • We deserve better than capitalism
  • Political beliefs can still change the world
  • Only when we share freely, will everyone have what they need to survive
  • One country will need to blink first and share equally. This country will almost collapse before it succeeds
  • Free energy is the key to equality
  • Socialism does not need to stifle creativity and innovation. It is human nature to improve


  • Soulmates exist
  • Love at first sight happens
  • Love can also grow and happen for two people at the same moment
  • Love can mean letting go
  • Love makes me a better person
  • We have an infinite capacity for love


  • We have little control over what we believe in
  • Some of my beliefs will be proven wrong
  • I must be open-minded about all my beliefs
  • Making and maintaining this list is useful and fun (and you should do it too).

So, they are some of my beliefs – the ones that I think define me and affect my actions. What are your beliefs? Please get in touch if you write yours down, I’d love to read them and compare.


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