100 Things 2017

100 Things 2017

A good while ago I found an article that contained a potentially life-changing idea. Then I forgot about it. I guess potential and life-changing need separating out a little. Despite this, the idea was kicking around in the depths of my mind for a while and this week I set out to give it a try,

Spurred on by the success of my Seven Minutes Exercise experiment, I finally sat down with real motivation to follow Laura Vanderkam’s advice of listing 100 things I want to do. Vanderkam discovered the practice while working on her book 168 Hours and has revisited her list several times.

Here’s her rationale:

“Start writing down a list of all the things you’d like to do during your lifetime. This could include 10 restaurants you’d like to try, 10 financial goals, places you want to visit, etc. Go ahead and include a few you’ve already accomplished, like graduating from college, or having kids. You’ll probably be stumped by the time you get to 100, but if you find brainstorming easy, call it the List of 1000 Dreams and keep going. The point is to shoot for such a big number that you’re not editing yourself. Winning a Nobel Prize in chemistry and maintaining a nice stash of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered caramels can all go on there.”

The point, as I see it, is that we can all list a few crazy dreams but writing down 100 means we also have to think about things we want to do and really could if we just got up. It also helps you find your passion as you edit the list over time to remove those you really don’t want enough.

For my part, I’m in no rush to complete these, just like my Library project I’m happy for this to take the rest of my life (in fact one of them has to!). My goal is to achieve at least one dream every six months, so the majority may take 50 to finish.

Here’s the full list, I’ll be keeping it updated at lukemcgrath.co.uk/100 and will blog each time I complete an item and add a link.

    1. Visit New York
    2. Visit Antarctica
    3. Travel on the Trans-Siberian Railway
    4. Visit Japan
    5. Visit San Francisco
    6. Visit Stonehenge
    7. Go to the Northern-most point in the UK
    8. Drive an Aston Martin DB5
    9. Run a marathon
    10. Run an ultra-marathon
    11. Start a Literary Journal
    12. Run a bookshop
    13. Learn a martial art
    14. Learn Italian (again)
    15. Paint a landscape
    16. Finish a Telegraph crossword without help
    17. Get another A at A-Level
    18. Build an app
    19. Find 1,000 true fans
    20. See a show in London
    21. Visit Rome
    22. Visit Athens
    23. Train across Canada
    24. Visit Iceland
    25. Raise money for a cause
    26. Climb Kilimanjaro
    27. Publish a novel
    28. Get a story in The New Yorker
    29. Write a radio play
    30. Write a screenplay
    31. Visit the pyramids
    32. Go to the natural spa in Bath
    33. Try Transcendental Meditation
    34. Drive across America
    35. Visit Easter Island
    36. Tour the Pacific Islands
    37. Visit North Korea
    38. Learn to surf
    39. Learn to scuba dive
    40. Go to space
    41. Buy Notts County FC
    42. Visit the Reform Club
    43. Drive a steam train
    44. Finish Rupert annuals collection
    45. Visit Loch Ness
    46. Visit Cuba
    47. Visit the Grand Canyon
    48. Do a volunteering project
    49. Explore Jesmond Dene
    50. Walk Northumberland
    51. Have Dinner at the Baltic
    52. Visit the Louvre
    53. Get a PhD
    54. See sunrise on seven continents
    55. Experience life without a five-day work week
    56. Build muscle
    57. Finish my Library project
    58. Watch all the essential old films
    59. Direct a short film
    60. Help people through blogging
    61. Give 10% of my earnings to charity
    62. Mentor a writer
    63. See the Northern Lights
    64. Visit Scandinavia
    65. Visit every country on Earth
    66. Write a book about my philosophy
    67. Do a triathlon
    68. Learn to ski
    69. Learn to snowboard
    70. Walk the Inca Trail
    71. Perform random acts of kindness
    72. Visit Kielder Water and see the stars
    73. Lecture an audience
    74. Get a degree in Philosophy
    75. Learn to play piano
    76. Act on stage
    77. Get on tv
    78. Touch a snake
    79. Find a cause
    80. Meet Ruth Lorenzo
    81. Learn photography
    82. Publish a book of poems
    83. Meditate daily
    84. Do a parachute jump
    85. Choose love not fear
    86. Make a YouTube video series
    87. Publish a short story collection
    88. Read all of Haruki Murakami’s books
    89. Read all of Stephen King’s books
    90. Get a morning routine
    91. Go biking
    92. Keep a journal
    93. Learn more about Buddhism
    94. Practice Yoga
    95. Camp out around a fire
    96. Tour Newark castle
    97. Go to the top of Newark parish church
    98. Climb Ben Nevis
    99. Write an epic (long) book
    100. Live in three centuries

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