About Luke McGrath

About Luke McGrath

Luke McGrathHello there. I’m Luke, I hope that I’m the reason you’re here, either you’ve read my writing somewhere before or found it through this site. I’m a writer. I write stories, reviews, articles and non-fiction too.

As well as writing, I try to help people improve their reading and their writing. I help writers by sharing my habits and the things that help me live a creative life.  I also talk about my personal values, beliefs and I wrote a list of 100 Things I’d like to do in my life, some big and some small.

Finally, I’m reading as many of the best books as I can and sharing my thoughts through my book reviews.

Take a look around, read my stories or keep browsing this page for more!

My Writing Process

Every writer has their own process, their own likes and inspirations. I try to write every day, about whatever I’m working on at the time. It could be a novel, short story, article or blog post – my main target is always getting some words down. Some days I can’t write or don’t want to, but generally I stick to my targets.

My writing method is usually to think of an outline of an idea and get started straight away. Longer projects, like novels, I tend to simmer in my mind for a while to make sure they’re good enough. I don’t often work from a set plan or plot, but I do find these useful for restructuring long and short work.

Inspiration comes from the great artists that I admire. My favourite writers are F. Scott Fitzgerald, Stephen King, Agatha Christie, Haruki Murakami, Flannery O’Connor, William Blake, Bob Dylan and Malcolm Gladwell. I also love film makers like Park Chan-wook, Orson Welles, Quentin Tarantino and Charlie Chaplin. My favourite painters are JH Lynch and John Martin.

My Life So Far

My biography, should anyone think to write one, begins in Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire. I was born in the Queens Medical Centre Nottingham and swiftly delivered to grow up in nearby Newark.

Newark riverside
The River Trent

In primary school, I wanted to be either a writer or a spy. I wanted to be a spy a lot more than I wanted to be a writer, I had a briefcase and read loads of books about spying on people. When I grew up, it became a little creepy to follow people so I cut it out. I starting writing a huge novel all about vampires (years before it was cool), but my computer crashed and there was no cloud backup in those days.

When I reached secondary school, I decided to become a lawyer. I pursued this dream throughout my high school years and applied to read law at Newcastle University – who gracefully accepted me in 2005. Somewhere between starting and finishing school, I read The Great Gatsby and The Big Sleep – the best two books ever written.

The Angel of the North
The Angel of the North

At university, I ploughed along with my studies but my interest soon waned. I began writing again in third year and finished a short novel, Century 21. After graduating, I struggled with my identity for a while before committing to return to university to complete a master’s degree in creative writing. I began my second novel, The Whole of Youth, during the course and completed it a year later.

I’ve worked in marketing for several years and have also written and published a non-fiction book about web accessibility called How to Meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0.

I now write a weekly email about being creative, building lasting habits, smart technology and outdated pop culture.

Even better, I have two perfect daughters who I love to read to at bedtimes, watch movies with on Saturday nights and who teach me new things all the time.

I hope this page has kept you interested and you’ve learnt a little more about me. If you want to get in touch, please use lukemcgrath.co.uk/contact.