Novels & Short Stories

Novels & Short Stories

I’ve written two novels and plenty of short stories. I’m writing more of the same right now.

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The Whole of Youth

James can never get the right girl at the right time. Pining after his oldest friend, he starts university intent on moving on. As his options increase, his grasp on time starts to slip away. His memories of girls, old and new, begin to overlap in his mind.

Over three years, James reunites with old friends and starts new relationships. Though he tries his best to move on, the one girl he really wants continues to surprise him. Ultimately, James must decide what kind of man he needs to be and who he wants to be with. There’s just no way that it’s going to go smoothly…

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Century 21

Set during the 1962 World’s Fair in Seattle, Century 21 takes place as the world hurtles towards the Cuban Missile Crisis. As America and the Soviet Union make their public and private moves, much of the world is unaware how close the brink of war has come.

Against this background, Michael York starts his first day’s work at the fair. Drawn to its idealised view of the future, he becomes attuned to the dual sides of life. With the World of Tomorrow on one horizon and nuclear war on the other, the stakes are high.

Introduced to a mysterious array of colleagues, each with their own secrets, Michael investigates the fair with new friends. Drawn closer into the group, he uncovers a plot that will tip the balance forever…

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Short Stories

Cube 2The Unresolved Death of Melanctha Melanctha

A cubist story with some assembly required! This 3D story investigates the death of a girl from all sides of the room in which she died.

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Gathering Senses

A prize-winning story in three acts about a man dealing with personal tragedy.

Published by Meridian Writing (2010)

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Tiger Lily and the Last Day of Summer

A love letter to a holiday romance from a man who’s found a new life abroad but been forced to return to England.

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