The Values of My Life

The Values of My Life

On this page, I’m keeping a record of my values and how they apply to my life. I’ll update the page as I learn more and my ideas change. Hopefully, it will be a record of my outlook on life and how that might alter over time.

The values below come with a mixture of general and specific hints for myself about how to embrace each one.

Be Happy and Positive

  • Wake up with a smile and optimism for the day ahead
  • Find the positive, or walk away
  • Don’t complain – fix things
  • Appreciate one person per week
  • See friends at least once a week
  • Read to Vani and Anvi

Be Honest

  • Share by default
  • Set public goals and values
  • Review progress in public
  • Try to answer honestly every time (not always possible)

Improve Myself

  • Always look to make small tweaks
  • Stay focused on long-term improvements
  • Do things that seem scary or uncomfortable
  • Evolve with life – don’t fight against it

Be Humble

  • Don’t work for credit
  • Credit others
  • Separate ego and action
  • Picture the best version of myself and admit I am not there yet

Get Better Relationships

  • Make time for family
  • Make time for friends
  • Pursue the relationships that matter
  • End those that harm me

Relax & Enjoy Life

  • Seek out things that relax my mind and body
  • Meditate
  • Focus on enjoyment
  • Make time for unstructured time

Be Efficient

  • Make sure every task is important
  • Find new (or old) ways to approach tasks
  • Technology can help, but sometimes gets in the way
  • Simplify everything

Be Gracious

  • Remember what I’m thankful for
  • Don’t let a chance to thank pass by
  • Let everyone share the win
  • Don’t take away from anyone’s moment

Be Good

  • Do the right thing
  • Be clear about my motivation
  • Be good, even when no-one will notice
  • Choose long-term good where possible

Be a Role Model

  • Be aware my children learn from me
  • Behave in a way that reflects my goals
  • Actions are better than words
  • Explain tough decisions